What Qualifies as a “Specialty” Item in My Move?

If you’re getting ready to move across town, across the state, or even across the country, you may be wondering, “Who are the best movers near me?” Integrity Moving and Storage is a premier moving company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We even take care of loading and moving specialty items to reduce your stress of moving.

What Are Specialty Items?

Specialty items are any things that can’t be handled the normal way. Movers are used to taking care of items that fit in boxes, such as dishes, bedding, and clothing. They also handle many pieces of furniture on a regular basis, including couches, chairs, beds, dressers, tables, chairs, and appliances. They may have a specific process for these items and how they are to be handled, but it is fairly straightforward.

An item falls into the specialty category when it requires special handling. This may be necessary because of its extra-large size or shape or due to the value of the item. The typical method of moving furniture or other items may not work because of the size or the awkward shape.

These items may cost extra to move because they require a different packing and loading process and more experienced movers to handle the items correctly and safely. Integrity Moving has been handling this type of item for over three decades. The team has the experience that will get your specialty item to its destination safely.

What Is Considered a Specialty Item?

Movers like Integrity classify many items as a specialty for moving purposes.

Antique furniture is one example because it often isn’t replaceable. Antiques also have a higher value, sometimes in the thousands of dollars for just one piece. They are often delicate, requiring more careful handling to prevent damage. Even a small scratch can devalue the piece.

Rare items are also considered specialty items because they are difficult to replace. An original painting would fit in this category, especially if the artist is deceased, since it can’t be recreated. Because paintings can be damaged easily, the movers must wrap and handle them carefully. They must also be secured in the truck to prevent them from hitting other objects and breaking or tearing.

Other valuable and unusual items may be placed under the specialty category. Musical instruments, mounted animal heads, and collectibles may fit under this classification. These items must be packaged carefully and handled by experienced movers to prevent damage.

Large items, such as sculptures, oversized furniture, and large appliances, may also fit under this category. They are heavy and awkward to move, often requiring more than one or two people to transport from the house to the truck. They take up extra space and may not fit neatly into the truck or trailer.

Many businesses have specific items that don’t follow normal moving protocol. Large printers and other equipment may need special handling to prevent damage that will keep them from working at the new location. Oversized desks and other commercial furniture may be larger than usual and require experienced movers who know how to carry these items without hurting themselves or the item.

Why Choose Experienced Movers?

Even if you’re just moving down the street or into a different neighborhood in the same town, you may want to hire specialty movers to transport your unique items. They are adept at working with awkward items and have a process in place to protect items as they are being moved.

Integrity Moving started out as piano movers over 30 years ago. We provide concierge white glove service to protect your items throughout the move. While we provide all types of moving services, our team specializes in oversized and specialty items.

The managers and supervisors at Integrity started out as movers. They understand the processes for moving these items. These managers have learned the best way to handle specific items and train the team on the preferred methods.

Another benefit of working with Integrity for your specialty items is that we work with you from start to finish. We won’t subcontract out any of the move, like some moving companies do. The same truck that your items are loaded onto is the one that arrives at the destination for unloading. Because we don’t subcontract any part of the move, our team only loads and unloads your items one time.

How Does Integrity Moving Handle Specialty Items?

Pianos are heavy, awkwardly shaped, and easily damaged. Experienced movers from Integrity know how to get them moved out of your house. We can move them through slender doors, around corners, and into the truck. We wrap the piano to prevent scratches during the move. Our team is conscious of the need for precision to prevent more extensive damage from dropping the piano or allowing it to hit against walls.

We apply the same principle to all kinds of specialty items. If you have an oversized sculpture that is heavy and odd-shaped, we will wrap it and determine the best method of getting it out of your house and into the moving truck.

Along with padding and wrapping a specialty item, the Integrity team also secures it in place in the truck for the actual move. We use secure straps and tie-downs that hold an item to prevent it from moving or falling as our team drives to the new location.

Find Specialty Movers Near Me

Whether you need a single large or valuable item moved or you’re moving your entire business or house, you can count on Integrity Moving. Our team will take care of your specialty items as if they were our own.

You can trust our process to protect your artwork, collectibles, or large appliances. Our team has the knowledge and experience to complete the move with less stress and worry on your part.

Contact Integrity Moving for your next move. Let us take care of your specialty items with our professional team of movers. We will use blankets, padding, and straps as needed to keep your items safe.

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