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At Integrity Moving Company, we know that even moving a few miles can be a stressful situation. We have streamlined the moving process to make sure that you arrive at your new home feeling calm and ready to go. Here are some of our top residential moving tips to get you into your new home fast.

We make sure that every one of your items is padded, wrapped, and properly secured to ensure that no damage is done to your belongings in the residential moving process. We also disassemble items including pianos, beds, mirrors, and entertainment centers. We will even disconnect and reconnect your washer/dryer for no additional charge so you never have to get your hands dirty.

If you need packing supplies we have extensive options of PACKING SUPPLIES and offer our customers wardrobe box rentals for the duration of the move. We offer diverse pricing solutions that will work for any size home. Need an expert for your next residential move? Call us today!

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