Moving Tips

The best tip that we can give you is to never take any chances with your personal belongings.
Move with Integrity. Whether you want us to perform a full-service pack and move or pack yourself, you’ll need PACKING SUPPLIES. Call us today at 614.484.0049 to order supplies and schedule a free on-site consultation. Here are our top 4 moving tips:

Don’t pack what you don’t need

Moving is the perfect time to purge unused items from your home. If you are looking to get rid of some of the clutter that has clogged up your living space, now is the time to do some simple organization and clothing donations. You can easily work with a second-hand retail store that will resell gently used furniture and household items that you may not need or want.

Stay organized

If you decide to pack yourself, make sure you label each and every box so we know which room they belong in. If you pack a box of delicate items, make sure to mark it as FRAGILE. Do not pack any important items you may need during the move. This includes your cell phone, charger, keys, wallet, purse, medicine.

Know how to pack

Never over-pack your boxes – the heavier the item is, the smaller the box should be. You should also do your best to not under-pack your boxes as this can result in the box caving in during stacking, storage, or transport.

Wrap anything delicate, including glassware, dishes, and fine china in tissue paper or bubble wrap before packing and make sure every item is secure and padded. When you are unpacking your breakables, make sure you do so over a padded surface to make sure you don’t break anything while unpacking. Pack your dishes sideways on end after wrapping and padding, do not stack them on top of one another, and pack cd’s and records the same way.

If you disassemble any items yourself, such as beds or a crib, make sure to keep all hardware including nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tape it to the furniture. If you are assembling your boxes yourself, remember that every box should be taped on the underside to ensure structural integrity. Box tops should be able to close flat and taped for stacking during transport and storage.

Be prepared

Pack a few ‘essential boxes’ to take with you personally: one with food, snacks, utensils, paper plates, and another with toiletries, cleaning supplies, a toolkit, and anything else you may need immediately upon arriving at your new home.

Make sure your refrigerator is emptied out and the freezer is defrosted for the day of your move. If you plan to pack yourself, make sure you have plenty of PACKING MATERIALS, and don’t forget the bubble wrap and packing paper for proper padding.

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