How To Protect Your Items in Storage Units

Here are a few tips to help you protect your items while they are in storage:

Pack Items Appropriately

To help protect your possessions while they are in storage, wrap or box up items appropriately. If you are storing clothing, pack the clothes in an airtight container. Do not use cardboard boxes or plastic bags, as pests or water can easily pass through these materials and cause damage. If you are storing a couch or other furniture items, wrap them in plastic or bubble wrap to help keep the dust off.

Searching “movers near me” may have introduced you to our team at Integrity Moving. We provide a safe, comfortable storage environment for all sorts of items. We can even help you pack up furniture if you need assistance with certain pieces.

Keep Items Off the Floor

If your storage space does not provide racks or shelves, consider purchasing your own for your storage unit. Keeping your furniture, clothing, and other items off the floor is an excellent way to protect your belongings from flooding, pests, and dirt. Storage shelves are also a great way to organize your belongings so nothing gets lost or buried under other boxes. Integrity Moving’s storage facility is an organized space where you can keep your belongings clean and dry.

Look For Climate Control

When you are looking for the perfect storage solution, find a space that provides constant climate control. If you find a space without a heating or cooling system, you run the risk of having valuable items becoming damaged from overheating or being exposed to freezing temperatures. Integrity Moving’s storage facility is furnished with heating and air conditioning. This constant monitoring of the temperature of the facility allows us to keep your valuable possessions safe from becoming moist from humidity or overheating and possibly melting.

Find Security Monitoring

To fully protect your items while in storage, look for a well-maintained space that provides some sort of security monitoring. Since you can’t be at your storage unit every day, cameras are able to watch and record when you are not around. Security cameras provide an added layer of protection and act as a deterrent to prevent theft. Integrity Moving has 24/7 monitoring in place, so you can rest assured that your items are carefully being watched over.

Search “Movers Near Me” for Reliable Storage Solutions

Integrity Moving provides a secure space for you to store items if you are moving or you just don’t have the extra room in your home. Our professional team of movers can help you carefully move your belongings to our storage facility without damaging them. Our climate control and 24/7 monitoring give our customers added peace of mind when choosing to use our services. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our storage solutions.

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