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Specialty Item Moving in Columbus, Ohio

Are you an owner of antiques? Priceless art? Flat screen televisions? Pool tables? If so, make sure they’re transported by responsible hands. At Integrity Moving and Storage, we are the responsible hands that ensure your specialty items are moved carefully, as though they were our own possessions.

Specialty Item Moving Plans

When you choose us, we will come up with a custom plan for moving your specialty items — each item will be moved in a way that will protect it. We follow proper procedures to guarantee safe delivery of expensive goods. Your valuables will be given the white-glove treatment from pickup to delivery at your doorstep.

We Protect Your Property

Rest assured that our custom moving plans are carried out with safety in mind. Our procedures will not damage carpet, hardwood floors, valuables, walls or people. We take special care to use proper techniques and equipment to safeguard your property. 

You’ve spent a lot of money on your television, entertainment center and other luxuries. Don’t let your specialty items fall into the wrong hands or take a chance on an amateur who is likely to break them. Rather than risking the value of your special items, call Integrity Moving and Storage for white-glove delivery and specialty item moving the next time you need it.

Specialty Item Moving