Expert Commercial Movers for Any Location

Take care of your business relocation without stress when you contact the professionals at Integrity Moving and Storage in Columbus, Ohio. Each of our commercial movers bring extensive experience to your job. With our help, you’ll be able to move everything from offices to schools.

Business Relocation: Your Confidential Solution

Whether your company is growing or downsizing, if you need to relocate, our team is ready to help you throughout the process. We will assign you a team leader, who will communicate your needs and instructions with our full-service professionals. This team leader also stays in contact with you throughout the entire process to ensure your relocation goes according to plan.

From desks to files, we handle the relocation of every part of your company. We understand that in many cases of business moves, there is a certain level of confidentiality that should be practiced. Our team keeps your files secure throughout the move. We have the experience and resources to handle all aspects of your move.

A Safe Transport

Commercial locations often have more items to transport than homes do. Whether you are moving desks from a school or pews from a church, we ensure a safe transport to your new location. Each of your items will be padded, wrapped, and properly secured in one of our spacious trucks. From start to finish, your job will be handled by our expert crews.

Complete Breakdowns & Rebuilds

No matter how many items you have to transport to a new location, we are happy to help you throughout every part of your move. From desks to cubicles, we have the skills and equipment to take care of everything you have in your commercial space.

If your commercial location has too many items to bring to your new space, we have a number of solutions for you. Our storage facility includes safe and secure room for everything, including pianos, shelving, and desks.

Contact our commercial movers to transport your company from one space to another. Our business relocation services are available throughout Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas.